Bakersfield Funeral Home

Bakersfield Funeral Home is a family owned company serving Kern county and the greater Bakersfield metro area.  We specialize in comprehensive, professional funeral services at an affordable price.  

In these trying economic times, unforeseen funeral expenses can have a deep impact on families and individuals.  The staff at Bakersfield Funeral Home believe that the greatest expression of respect to our clients is sincerity, professional services and quality products, all at a fair cost.  We won’t try to “up-sell” you with needless products and procedures, or surprise you with “hidden” fees.  

What we will do is obtain necessary legal documents, including death certificates, help you choose the right interment option(burial? cremation?), and arrange funeral services that meet your needs.  We can also help you prepare for the eventuality of a death by pre-arrangement, allowing for peace of mind to you and your family.


"Thank you so much for all your kindness and going above and beyond to make my husband's interment go smoothly and transporting the flowers to the church. Thank you for dealing with *** at the cemetery - I'm sorry she had such a bad day when making the arrangements there and giving the incorrect information for the death certificate. It caused a lot of inconvenience. Thank you and the staff at Bakersfield Funeral Home for the kind and dignified way you picked up my husband from our home. Thank you and David for all your care and compassion to me. God bless all of you. I miss him so terribly."

- Edith L.



"I called this Funeral Home not having ever planned a funeral or even expecting one. I knew nothing about processes, requirements or even what to ask. Bakersfield Funeral Home helped me from not knowing what to even do, to making certain that all I needed from them was taken care of, long after my fathers services were completed. If you want fair and prompt service, look no further. You will be treated with dignity and respect here and I would recommend this establishment to anyone looking. You will be treated as though you are a member of their family. In addition, financially this establishment was clear as new glass. There were no hidden fees."

- Brett R.





Funeral Home Bakersfield, CA